Thursday, September 11, 2008


I broke the news to my mom today that I applied for my (well actually Sarah's) old job. She took it pretty good. She likes when I stay home and play housewife and stay at home mommy and hang out with her. I am a bit less stressed sure but being poor kind of sucks, you know?

So I went to town ONLY 3 times today. Once to take Jess to school. Once to pick her up, feed her give her money and drop her off at the football game (first Freshman game) and the last time to pick her up to bring her home. It would be really nice if someone would buy the house next door to us that has been for sale for over a year and have a 14 year old Freshman daughter who is JUST LIKE MINE that I could car pool with. Nice dream isn't it??

We do have a BOY down the street that is most of those things but apparently he spends all his time sucking face with his girl friend who hates Jessica because he walked her home from his birthday party. Har har. Sad that he's not Jessica's boyfriend but HAPPY they aren't sucking face.

When I went to pick her up from the football game I pulled into the parking lot, made a little loop by the entrance to the field and there was a couple making out. I think they were like 10. Seriously I must be old for the high school kids to all look like babies. It can't be. I was just in high school myself you know. Yeah. Like YESTERDAY.

After school today she went to the Gay-Straight Alliance Club meeting. She was so excited for it and it was over in like 10 minutes apparently. Can't say I'm sad. Although I don't want her sucking face, I really don't want her sucking face with a girl. Typed out while singing the catching song.. kissed a girl and I likkkked it...
I'm hoping she outgrows this really (curious?) supportive phase. Not that there's anything WRONG with it..

For dinner we went to McDonalds. I had my nephew with me and I like to spoil him a bit at least once a week. Last week it was ice cream, this week: making cookies and going to McDonalds. I took my book thinking I'd have a nice read while they played but Jessica was in a talking mood so I heard why Biology is really hard (not sure WTH she was talking about, I just remember watching movies and waking the teacher up when I took it).

While we were sitting there this woman came in with a baby. In a diaper. And no clothes. They went up to the ice cream section (yeah weird this McD's is trying to be fancy) and she put the baby ON THE COUNTER EDGE. Standing up, no shoes, no socks, just hanging white diaper. They proceed to get ice cream and the baby is still standing on the ledge, no one holding on to her eating her dripping ice cream. I did the quick intake of breath probably 10 times thinking she was going to fall off and break her head open on the tile floor before they finally picked her up off of there. Weird all the way around I tell you.

Anyhow, guess I should go to bed. That's about the excitement of my day.

Oh and I took Trevor for a hair cut today since he was looking really Q-tippy (he hasn't realized long hair is in yet, secretly hoping that goes out of style before he does), and he was on his 10th hair cut (or maybe it was the buy 10 get one free) so his hair cut was free. Awesome, hair cut for $2 tip. Gotta love it.

Well nighty night! My husband is actually in bed already. Not as much exciting stuff to watch since I figured out how to use the parental controls on the Direct TV and didn't give him the code ;O)Pin It

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Barb said...

Yeah, I'm thinking about going back to work too ~ sucks but I'd like the extra income. That's cool that they have the gay-straight alliance thing at school. Hadn't heard of it.
Don't you want to just slap moms who do stupid stuff with/to their children. She probably would have sued McD's had the child fallen and hurt herself.

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