Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clean windows are beautiful!

Well I had a pretty productive day today. I've been listening to an audio CD on the way to work and back. It's exactly one cd for the day's ride. Pretty cool! Although it ended on a cliff hanger and I was tempted to sit out in the car and listen to what happened. I guess I can just be excited for the drive to work tomorrow!

Got home and paid some bills. We have a bunch of small medical bills I tried to call about to see about making payments on them and everyone was closed at 4:30. Nice! Must be nice. Oh wait, I got off at 2:45..

Cleaned up the kitchen quite a bit. Took the curtains down to wash them and scrubbed up the window. Ended up outside on a ladder cleaning the window with scrubbing bubbles and a razor blade. Take that you hard water!! And paint from like 10 years ago. That's sad. Very sad. But my window looks so pretty now. I'm afraid to water on the side of the house because the sprinkler might hit it and mess up all my hard work!

Made dinner and then did the dishes for a 2nd time. While I was working in the kitchen earlier I had the kids do some small chores and things are looking nice and picked up. It's amazing how less stressed out I feel when the house is picked up a bit!

After dinner I went for a walk with my gimpy dog. I swear she tried to kill me by doing the "stop dead in your tracks" move. She put the brakes on and I almost fell over the top of her. No idea what she stopped for but sheesh, a little warning would be nice!! Oh and of course she had to poop before we were even down the street. She started pooping IN the street. Ick. Although it WAS in front of the not so nice neighbor's house. Maybe he'll step in it. Yep I'm a rebel and don't pick up my dog crap. We have tons of fields around us and lots of wild animals. I'm not going to walk around carrying my dogs crap. Sorry!

Came home and got the watering in the front done. Just had some more wine and now I'm ready to jump in the shower. This time next week I'll be in TEXAS!! Can't wait to go see my buddy Sarah!!

Oh and I think I'm going to give up my addiction to Farm Town/Farmville. I spend way too much time playing with that and what do I get out of it? Nothing. Stupid. I must be strong!!Pin It


Chris H said...

You get an instant fine if caught not picking up your dog's poop here.. and you have to prove you are going to by carrying a poop bag all the time too!
You are evil for leaving it on the street.. EVIL I tell ya! HA HA HA.

Saucy said...

This Farmville thing HAS GOT TO STOP! Everyone is doing it! Even Loopy. I caught her at her laptop at ten minutes to midnight (grrrr) because "she had to buy a cow!"

What is this???

honkeie said...

man I need a nap after reading this post!

Sarah said...

I can't wait for you to get here!! WOHOO!!

Sarah said...

I can't wait for you to get here!! WOHOO!!

~Sheila~ said...

That's why I have kids. THEY pick up the crap!

I was a Mafia Wars addict for awhile.

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