Friday, September 4, 2009

I Promise not to be depressing this time..

Well after my depressing vent post yesterday, I should probably post something a little more up beat, eh??

Today is Friday!! Woohooo doing the Friday happy dance! Work is done! Oldest has been dropped off at the movies and is spending the night at her friends. Husband is on his way home from work. Pop corn chicken is in the oven. (living it up here peeps!!) Spent a couple hours after work crawling around my garden dead heading petunias and pulling out little weeds.

Does everyone have plans for this long weekend? I invited some friends over for a BBQ Monday. This will be our first time having their family over HERE instead at their house. They have a pool and a huge house. We don't so that's why we usually go to their house. I think it *might* be cool enough to hang out outside on Monday. We'll see. It says it's supposed to be in the 80's. Let's hope it's the LOW 80's!!

Of course people coming over means that we are going to have to clean the house. I think my room is the worst!! Shouldn't take too long to clean it thoug, most of it is just clothes and crap piled up on my desk in there. Obviously I haven't been doing any scrapbooking on my desk lately!

So I have one more day of work before my VACATION to go see my friend Sarah!! Woohoooo. Hopefully I get paid on that one day of work lol. Told the girl that does my checks that it would be just AWESOME if I could get paid before I go. If I don't get paid it's really going to suck!!

Well off to veg on facebook and comment on some blogs I starred at work. Shhhhhh don't tell anyone I read my Google Reader at work lol. I just star all the things I want to comment on and wait until I get home to read them.

Bad me!!

PS! My niece is offically "overdue" today. Let's all pray she is born this weekend!!Pin It


Chris H said...

I hope you have a lovely weekend, I already am! *snigger*

Carin said...

I hope you are feeling much better after your vent and enjoy your weekend~

Susie said...

Glad you had a better day! Have a fun weekend. We are doing a whole lot of nothing! :)

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