Friday, September 18, 2009

Texas Day 6, Monday, Last Day!

Monday we got up and got our free breakfast down in the hotel lobby. I'm glad they had some waffles to soak up the booze I still had swimming around in my belly!!

After breakfast we packed up and hit the road and did a little shopping until it was time for our massages. We went to the massage place and they took us both in the same room. She got the girl, I got the gay guy. The massage itself was very nice but right after it was done I had a horrible pain in my hip and had to limp around. Eventually it mellowed out a bit but I was still a little sore, think maybe I got some nerves pinched or something!!

We didn't take a shower before the massage thinking we'd head back to the hotel and take a swim, but we got done too late to do that so I was feeling extra grodey. I slicked my hair back and hair sprayed it in place so at least it wouldn't be hanging on my forehead all gross.

We went to luch at this really nice Mexican restaurant. Can't remember the name. Then we went to Wal mart and got our hair washed! I decided to get a little trim. BIG MISTAKE. First the girl couldn't find her scissors. Then she was talking about how she's been so sick (thinking FUCK! don't want to get sick!!) and then when she starts to cut my hair she doesn't divide it into sections. Just does about 5 nips across the bottom (I have really thick hair and it's long right now!) and a couple off my bangs and she's done. TG I was thinking that at least she didn't take to much off so I can get it fixed later lol. She was really kind of scary. The other gals in there, one had hickies all over her neck and the other one was busy texting away. I was the only one in there! Crazy!!

I went out and met Sarah out at the truck and although I felt better that my hair was all clean I was totally out of whacks from the weird hair cut girl.

Lesson learned, never go to Wal Mart for a hair cut!

So then we went to "The Big Texan"

to have a look around,

and got my all time favorite vacation photo lol.

Aren't we cute!?! That was one freaking big chair!

Do you think you could eat all this? I think my husband could!! We might have to have try it if I ever let him go to Texas with me hehe.

Check out some of the stuff in the gift shop. Makes you wonder what kind of people would actually buy this stuff!

Then all too soon we were on the way to the airport. I realized what I don't like about Texas, and it's that there is no landscaping anywhere. Everything is just buildings and concrete. Well if you don't count these

That was about the most exciting landscaping we saw lol.

My flight was uneventful, complete with a short layover in Denver (I can check that state off my list now too lol) and then it was the last stretch home. There was a baby crying almost the whole way from Denver to San Jose. I felt so bad for the parents, they were all stressed out. Didn't really bother me at all though, weird!

I got to the airport and told Scott I was there. He pulls up, barely stops, doesn't get out to help me put my bag in the back or give me a hug or anything. I get in and he's all stressed about how to get out of the airport and the pick up traffic.


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gloria b said...

LOL!! Glad you survived! Good to hear you enjoyed yourself somewhat!!

Susie said...

Loved all your posts about your trip! Glad you had fun. your pick up sounds like mine with my husband when I got back from visiting TX taht one time!

honkeie said...

72oz. steak, that is what I have for breakfast! They got nothing on me and my meat eating abilities!

~Sheila~ said...

That IS a big chair!! We always have to exaggerate stuff around here as if we were walking

We also sell some crazy ass stuff.

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