Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Texas Day 3 Friday!!

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and Wed part 2
Then Thurs

And then of course, we have Friday, my 3rd day in Texas!! Thursday was 9-11. We had talked the night before about how I was hoping my niece would arrive before the 11th, for obvious reasons.

I went to bed Wednesday night thinking that some time in the night I'd get a message that my niece was HERE!! I woke up on Thursday morning and


I was instantly paniced that something happened and started texting everyone until my other brother told me she had ended up getting a c section. Later on my baby brother (the daddy) sent me a message that said that she ended up getting a c section Friday morning. She was 8 pounds 8 ounces, 21 1/4 inches long and everyone was exhausted. They had been in the hospital since 7 on Wednesday night.

Sarah and I got ready for the "girls breakfast" that they do almost every Friday morning at the "country club". We got there and Blou was there, Phyliss (I think I'm spelling that wrong), Sarah's mother in law and a few other ladies. Juli and her mom came a little bit late (Juli has 5 kids, I can't imagine getting anywhere on time with 5 kids!). Everyone started ordering and I was like umm, do you have a menu?? So they gave me a menu and I couldn't find any breakfast items. Sarah pointed out the ONE breakfast item on the menu lol.

I was instantly transported to My Cousin Vinny when they are in the diner and all there is to eat is the one option for each meal. (Tried to find a You Tube for it but couldn't find that part!). I said "I guess I'll have the eggs!" LOL

So we had a nice breakfast/brunch and then hmmm what did we do?? I can't remember lol. I think we just went back and vegged??

I found out that my niece (who is named Adrian Rose-my brother is a HUGE Rocky fan, she's probably going to hate him when she's a teenager lol) is now in the NICU and has pneumonia and fluid in her lungs :( Very very sad about that. I still haven't seen what she looks like. Eventually my brother sends me this, with "This breaks my heart"

I have to say I felt my heart break a little bit too. So I sat around and tried not to cry but it didn't work too well.

I think this was the night we went to The Grill for dinner. Basically a little hole in the wall hamburger joint with yummy food!! There's not a lot of seating there but we got lucky and some people got up right about the time we were deciding to get our order to go. I had the bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions on it. YummY!!

That night was the homecoming game but we didn't go. Hope that wasn't because of me!

Afterwards there was a huge bonfire that we heard about for the next 2 days lol. Oh wait, that was Thursday night! I found it on YouTube of all places!

I'll just leave it here since I posted the day before already. Blou took the kids to drive by the bonfire so they could see it. Apparently they take burnable things down to this spot all year long in prepartion for the bon fire. Crazy!! Looks like a pyro's dream lol. (it was still smoking when I left Texas on MONDAY!).

So back to Friday night, we must not have done much!Pin It

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Chris H said...

Awww your wee niece is adorable.. even with all the wires etc. I am sure she will be OK mate!

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