Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's yours is mine...

This morning Jessica was going through my suit case. Yes, the suit case from when I went to Texas. It's almost all unpacked, ok?? I'll get it done eventually..

Anyhow, I was all "what are you doing going through my stuff?"

and she's all "I was just getting some gum".

A few minutes later she gets in the car and I'm like "umm why are you wearing my shirt??"

Her: "It's my shirt"
Me: "no it's not"
Her: "it was in my closet"
Me: "no it wasn't"
Her: "YES IT WAS!"
Me: "if you lie about stupid things I'm not going to trust you about big things"
Her: "SIGH. It was in my closet!"
Me: liar

Sheesh, I swear, I hardly have any clothes and what I do have someone is trying to take. Seriously, my clothes are nothing exciting, WTH??Pin It


gloria b said...

Of course I never had to share my clothes with my boys but did with my sister. I just told her that she needed to get her own style otherwise people would think she was me. She stopped wearing my clothes. LOL!!

Carin said...

I am sorry but this made me giggle!

~Sheila~ said...

Miah will be looking through my clothes soon too...

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