Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Texas Still Day 1 (Wednesday)

Check out my first day in Texas Post here (I added pictures)

After going to the Botanical Gardens. we went to Hobby Lobby. Anyone that is in California and goes into one of these stores is just in AWE. It's like Michael's on steroids!! While we were there Sarah was saying something about some Mum things. I had no idea what she was talking about but there were a bunch of teenagers in the store, all excited about homecoming.

Sarah called her daughter and made sure she didn't want one of these mum things while we were in the craft store. Then we went into a scrapbook store and I didn't buy ANYTHING. Sick I tell ya!! I haven't scrapped in so long I feel guilty buying anything, so I didn't. It was a nice store though!

After that we hit Target, got a few things (found a Warped Tour CD for Jess for $5 something!), then picked up some dinner at the Baker Brother's. We ate our cute little sandwiches on our way to Dalhart.

We weren't too far into the drive "home" when Sarah's daughter called and said that she had told her friend that "her mom" could make them some mums. (again with these mum things, wth are they??). Sarah told her it was too late, that we had already passed the store. BUT being the nice mom she is (and I probably would have done the same thing), we stopped at Wal Mart in Dumas (I can't help but think DUMB ASS whenever I hear the name of that town!).

We made our way to the ribbon aisle. Sarah was checking them all out and asking my opinions but I really didn't know what she was talking about. Another lady came into the aisle and Sarah and her started talking about these mums and how she really should have made them already lol. The lady was trying to pull up a picture of the ones she had made the year before but couldn't get it to show up on her phone. She gave Sarah some advice though.

I finally got the idea to pull up "homecoming mum" on my iPhone to get an idea of what they were. Here's a description of what they are HOMECOMING MUM. And here's a picture of some

Although Sarah was saying that they like to put things in the center and they are made out of all ribbon most of the time, and are just covered in "stuff".

Eventually she picked out a ton of ribbon and we went to her house. She started in on them right away. Neither one of us could remember how to make a bow. I got the idea to try Youtube, and sure enough, she found one to work. At about 1 I gave up and went to bed! She said she was up until about 2 making them. Here is the final product!

She made 3 little girls very happy. I'm just glad we don't have those things here! I hear people talk about paying anywhere from $18-$90 for those crazy things!! TG for creative moms!! You can read Sarah's post about this here.Pin It


Carin said...

People in Texas are nuts lol!!!

~Sheila~ said...

I graduated here in Texas and I've seen mums all through high school. I always envied the girls that would get one. IT WAS NEVER ME. Now, I realize they are just huge flower-like things with ribbons hanging from them.

Enjoy learning something new about Texas folk everyday.

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