Tuesday, July 12, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday! We may be going to my friend Carolyn's after work to go swimming. It's dependent on my friend's son's doctor appointment and how it goes but most likely we will be going swimming. We were supposed to go last week and it got cancelled right after I got done grocery shopping. Needless to say we ate all those snacks I had bought to take lol.

Yesterday after work I worked on putting fabric on cards again. I have a lot more to do still.

I opened my last pack of comic boards which is what I use but cut down. I had so many at one point I didn't think I'd ever use them all. Then I started using them to put my mug cozies on and then I got all this fabric! I might have to buy some more. I ordered more of the shoe box organizers so I'll be doing more reorganizing after those get here.  I like that I can just pull them out from the book shelves and if I ever decide I don't want to use them they can be used for something else (of course).

I went to Bunco last night (as a sub) and had a great time. I almost won for most wins, I was on a roll for the first round. I ended up with 15 wins and the winner had 16. 

Jess sent me this picture of Daniel. I love his little cheeky smile and his wild hair.

After Bunco last night I washed all the dishes I've been neglecting the last few days. I was kind of hoping someone else would wash them but we know how that goes around here. I told my mom when I die at my service I want someone to tell everyone I said "now someone else can wash the dishes". 

This morning I put them all away so now we have a clean start. Now to tackle the laundry. In a bit ;)

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