Sunday, July 17, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! I got to sleep in til 7:30ish this morning. Not sure how that happened other than Trevor was up earlier but didn't actually take the dogs out or feed them. Wouldn't want to be helpful or anything. I had to get up since the puppy was trying to chew on all my body parts. Maybe a sign she was hungry? (He did make US breakfast though so I guess I have to give him credit for that)

I hope Scott is having fun on his guy's trip. My friend took this picture before they left. He's the only one not riding a motorcycle since A-he doesn't have one and B-he doesn't have a motorcycle license and C-he always talks about all the dead motorcycle riders on his commute but D-rumor from my friend says he's thinking about getting his license because E-peer pressure

I spent all day yesterday working on cleaning up the sewing room. I put all the fabric that didn't sell onto the comic boards and got everything organized. 

My desk is a little cleaner too. The view towards the closet looks better but it's still a mess. 

I took an hour or so break to go take Jess some water and got in some baby Lillian snuggles. I was talking to Scott and sent him this totally flattering selfie of myself and her haha.

When I came back I worked on going through the panels of fabric. These are all Asian themed. Lots of Geishas. This pile's value is about $200 from what I could find on eBay. I need to make a place to lay them out to take pictures since some are really long. That's my job I'm giving myself for today. I have some more panels but I think I might just put them with whatever theme they are in my stash and then sell them when I destash those themes (like Christmas). 

Next up after these is to start going through the 2 boxes of solids/small scraps. I got more comic boards so I can keep going on organizing them. I also desperately need to vacuum my living room so I might do that before I do anything else. I could probably make another animal from all the pet hair all over.

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