Saturday, July 9, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! No sleeping in here at the animal hotel. Sheesh.
Everyone thinks 6am is plenty late to be sleeping.

Yesterday after work I went down to the bar to get us fish and chips for dinner. Had a drink and hung out with my friend Dawn while I waited. She's about 70 and she has recently had some melanoma spots discovered/removed. Poor gal, if it's not one thing it is another for her.

After our dinner was done being cooked I brought home to eat then I went and picked up my little buddy. Oh man did he have the zoomies. I finally took him outside for a bit and we ended up walking around the block. He stopped at all the fun stuff along the way. All the neighbor's rocks got examined haha. He was tired out when we got back. I only had to carry him a couple houses.

Scott came home for a visit right after we got back. Daniel ALMOST fell asleep on him but then got up and had some snacks and zoomed around a bit more. His dad came and picked him up after a bit and I went and laid on my bed to play with my phone and crashed out. Scott came in to say goodbye and woke me up a little.

Today's plans are to head into the sewing room in a few minutes to finish processing that darn fabric. Then to list it online and hope it all sells. My plan is to put in the non sellers with it so hopefully people will buy them this round. 

Exciting day for me haha. We'll see if it goes to plan or not.


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

My dog got us up at 5-5:30am every day! If she was up all night with us it still didn't matter. Then when we moved here she started sleeping in until 6-6:30a and it felt like a luxury but then we thought oh oh, she's going to die. And yep she did 4 months later. So be thankful they get you up early. I'd trade sleeping in for her to be alive. Geez this was a morbid comment. Enjoy your Saturday - take a nap!!

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