Sunday, July 31, 2022


Good morning happy over cast Sunday!  Maybe it will end up being cooler today but I doubt it.

I was a good girl yesterday and attacked my to do project right away. I went from this

To this

All this is getting donated. The big blue tub of fleece I gave to a neighbor gal who has a ton of grandkids and she likes to make stuff out of it. It takes up way too much room for me. She picked it up immediately so that was nice.

Stole this from Jess, look at her! So cute! She's filling out now.

I spent the rest of the day yesterday sewing. I kept hearing "The puppies! The puppies are here!!" My kids watched that movie 500000 times lol. I have everything cut out except for the batting. I am showered and dressed so I can go to Joanns in a bit and get some. Also hopefully Hospice will take all the stuff to donate so I can get it out of my car. 

I got side tracked by all the scraps I had and spent a few hours trying this method of sewing them onto paper. Most people use those calculator rolls but I didn't have one so just used some copy paper strips I had saved. I don't know if it is because of the paper weight I had but I didn't like that a lot of the edges came undone when I took the paper off. Probably won't do it that way again. I ended up ironing them onto some interfacing to hold them together better. When I use them for something I'll have to make sure and use a wider seam allowance to catch all those loose seams.

Tina was so annoying yesterday. Finally gave her a bunch of loving and she retreated to her napping box.  She's like who me? I'm not annoying!

I need to so some laundry today too :( I hate doing laundry. Would be so much easier if it was in the house and not across the yard. Although I should get up and stretch more instead of sitting at my sewing table all day. 

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