Friday, July 1, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! We get off 2 hours early today for the holiday. I'm debating on asking for Tuesday off too, it's nice to make the weekends longer.

Yesterday after work I went to meet my friend Cassi at the UPS store to be a witness on some papers she had to get notarized. Then I ran into Safeway and got a few things for dinner and snacks. Jess asked me if I would make them dinner so I came home and made that for them and us (chicken potato bacon casserole thing I make all the time) and then took it over to her house. Got to snuggle with little Miss Lillian for a bit

Daniel was mad we weren't going to my house for a minute. He's watching his movie while he eats his french fries. I guess that's his favorite meal right now haha.

I left there and then went to the bar and played 2 games of darts with Cassi and another guy. Can't think of his name at the moment but he's the guy I always called Chuck Norris when I went to the gym lol. I had the worst headache last night and got up and took some pain reliever and eventually it went away but now I have a headache again this morning. Wondering if it's just sinus pressure or what. Took a bunch of meds this morning, hoping it goes away soon. 

Peggy this is the vitamins I bought, I think it has all the stuff covered.

This is how they left the concrete outside my work entrance. I'm wondering what's going to go in the section with nothing.  I'm still trying to figure out what they changed. Maybe some planter boxes or something.

No plans for tonight but my mom is coming out with my nephew to stay in her little trailer. She brought a bunch of crap over :) She said she bought a little pool and a slide and who knows what else. At least it's not 105 anymore. I was just looking and it's just supposed to be in the 80's. 

I've been trying to do my time card for about an hour but the website is so slow. I have to use all these weird codes and nothing is connecting so it's a pain in the butt. Not helping the headache!

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