Monday, July 4, 2022


Hello happy 4th of July! Waiting for Scott to get here so we can go to my brother's house for a bbq. I don't think it will be hot enough for me to get in the pool today but maybe put my feet in.

Yesterday I worked on my fabric sales all day except for when Scott invited me to go to dinner. We went to Mexican and it was yummy. Oh he just drove up so I'll make this quick haha.

Yesterday's sales, all small pieces. I sold about $70 worth of fabric from these and some others from previous days. Not too bad. 

I've been working on another box that also has a lot of small pieces in it. I've been measuring them and then sorting them by size this time.  Of course when I got up this morning Tina and messed up my piles a bit. Damn cat.

These are bigger pieces

and then the ones I still need to clean up, iron and measure. Those will have to wait til later. Not as many as it looks since I just tossed them on a already mounding desk lol. Huge mess in here!

After these I have one more untouched box and then one with some more scraps and solids. Might just keep the solids since those are always good.

Ok need to get my shoes on so we can go! Have a fun 4th!


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