Monday, May 20, 2013

Best Friends Forever

I just finished listening to the audio book Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner.

Best Friends Forever follows Addie and Valerie from the age of 9 up through their tenth high school reunion. The book actually starts there with Valerie in a car with a naked man. Who she so happens to accidentally run over and then flees the scene. To her estranged best friend Addie's house.

Addie reluctantly takes her in and the Thelma and Louise-ish adventure begins.

Oh it's not all fun and games though. While they are busy running from the law they reminisce about their lives and how they have become the women they are today.

I've had this book on my to reads list forever and picked up to listen to without looking to see what it was about. Oddly enough Addie  has went through a huge transformation of being over 300 pounds to now being a "normal weight". The book takes you through her first binge of oreo cookies up through gaining all that weight and back down again. If you've ever had a weight problem you will connect with Addie through her story. While I've never weighed 300 pounds I certainly understood exactly what she was talking about.

I really enjoyed the book although I thought the Thelma and Louise portion of it was kind of far fetched and felt myself roll my eyes a few times. Overall I really enjoyed the story and I bet you probably would too.

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