Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reading Running and...

I am in much better spirits today.
Yes my eye still looks like I'm wearing purple lip stick eye shadow

I put a little make up on it today (and where I scrubbed all the scabs off-they were flaking off so gross). Just about everyone at work said it was starting to look better. (picture before make up)

For breakfast today I had half a cantaloupe and cottage cheese. I finally got a ripe one and I had about 10 people tell me how good it smelled. I've found that when you are picking cantaloupes it helps to pic ones that have the least amount of green on them. 

I went for a walk on my lunch to Carl's Jr. 
It was so nice outside I was wishing I had my running shoes.

Today I signed Scott and myself up for the Big Sur Half Marathon. 

Last year we watched the race and I made it a goal of mine to run it this year. Scott wanted to do it too. It sells out so I was worried about not getting signed up in time, but we are registered now! I already know of three people running the race besides us. My step mom, my trainer from the gym and my best friend from when I was in 4th-9th grade (pretty stoked about that last one!)  It should be a great run! (even though I'm already thinking what are you doing stupid you're already exhausted from all this training for the half you are doing this month!)

After work I went to get Trevor's prescription for iron. Which was more difficult than I thought it was going to be because iron is over the counter. They wrote out a script for 15 mg 2x a day. The only thing that came with that small of a dose was some infant drops that were pretty pricey. 

I had a very nice pharmacist helping me decide which ones to go with. We eventually picked some 45 mg pills with the idea of cutting them in half. Of course when I got home I just had him swallow the whole thing. I'm pretty sure he'll be fine. I need to research iron pills/foods a bit. The pharmacist said he should eat more red meat which is kind of funny because I have been really cutting down on how much red meat we eat (mostly because it's too dang expensive!)

Once I got home I picked up my Kindle and FINALLY finished reading this book I started LAST YEAR. It was a book I had picked for the Christian book club that I was in (and then dropped out of).

I remember that I picked the book because it was categorized as a Christian book or author but really there wasn't anything religious about it except for the two times they went to church in the whole book.

The book was called In Leah's Wake and it was a story about a girl who basically went from being the star soccer perfect daughter to a drug doing homeless running from the law girl. Much of the story was about her sister, mother and father and how they dealt with the whole catastrophe.  Obviously it was like the best book ever since it took me a whole year to finish it. 

Lately it seems like all the books I read are sooo long. Like they put all this extra detail in there that they really don't need. I'm starting to think I need to read some Reader's Digest Condensed Books (remember those?)  for awhile. Cut the crap and get to the meat of the story. 

I was looking through my Kindle trying to decide what to read next since I've been in a  ignore the laundry reading mood lately. 

Either Melissa or my Mom or both already read it and that's why it's on my Kindle (we are all on the same account). I remember seeing previews for the movie but I never saw it. I'm only on the 2nd chapter and it's pretty interesting. 

Scott and I also dragged ourselves out for our run. Today was supposed to be running with the training group but I'm not going to do those anymore (after last week) except for Sunday's long run (last one!). 

My knees were KILLING me when we first started out. Like 20 minutes worth of it. A lot of times it takes my legs about 2 miles to warm up and that is probably about how it was tonight too. Scott was only supposed to do a 30 minute run on his 5k-10k training but he did the whole 50 minutes with me. That's his longest run so far!

I had turned off all my runkeeper cues again except for an every 10 minute time cue. It's so nice to just run and not worry about your pace or how far you went. 

We were really slow starting out with my knees not cooperating but I felt like we picked up a little bit towards the end. And now I'm wide awake and it's 11:00. 

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Sarah said...

I am glad you are back to eating healthy! Way to go on the long run for both of you. I would have loved to go to that race. Not that I would be ready for such. I will have to find one for next year for sure!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I was thinking that I would like the black eye just so i didn't have to put on makeup. :-)

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