Thursday, May 30, 2013

Graduation Night

Tonight we went to Melissa's 8th grade graduation ceremony. Hard to believe that she is already going to be  in high school. Darn kids are growing up so fast! 

I got home from work and only got to sit for a few minutes before starting on curling Melissa's hair. That's a big project since she has so much of it! It looks so pretty when it's all done though. We got all ready and then we took some pictures out in the yard.

Then we went to the school. Melissa had to be there at 5 but the ceremony didn't start until 6. We stood around outside until 5:30 when they opened the new gym. It's really nice inside and brighter, which is great for pictures. 

Scott got off work early and then went and picked up his parents so they could come. 

My Dad & Step Mom

Us being goofy

Trevor & my Mom

I didn't get a good picture of her walking in but here she is up on the stage (top left)

She had the ropes for honor roll from 6-8th grade and got a plaque for honor roll.

She also won the "Good Citizenship Award". Nice to know she's always nice to everyone, but then I already knew that ;)

After the ceremony we took some pictures outside with everyone

Our little family who isn't so little anymore! Everyone is getting so big. I'm going to end up in the front row soon.

My kiddos

 Melissa and her fan club

All the grandparents minus my step dad who didn't make it.

Now she's at the dance. I have to stay awake until ten to go pick her up. I might need to take a power nap ;) The kids get out at noon tomorrow and then it's summer vacation! 

3 months of "I'm bored, it's hot, and there's nothing to eat!" 
Ahhh gotta love it ;)

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Annsterw said...

Awesome post! WHat a beautiful family and especially what beautiful children!!!!

Unknown said...

It blows my mind that your kiddos could be that age! We are the same age and mine are babies!!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

She is a beautiful young lady! Congrats on all the cords!!

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