Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Books Books Books

Not quite as exciting as SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS but eh whatever gets the dishes washed and the laundry put away. WHICH I did tonight while listening to an audio book.

Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark is a crime novel. The story takes you through the trail of Greg who is accused of killing his famous wife. The prosecuting attorney Emily is also being stalked but a serial killer! She doesn't even know it though. So you are just waiting to find out if Greg really did kill his wife and when the serial killer is going to try and kill Emily. Great suspense novel!

Memory In Death by JD Robb (Nora Roberts) is part of a series. I've never read the other books in the series and could still figure out what was going on though. It's set in the future but other than droids and fancy equipment they use not too much is futuristic I don't usually read books like that but this one was ok.

The story is about Eve, who is a cop and former foster child. She's married to a really rich man and a nasty former foster mother comes out of the woodwork to try and blackmail some money out of them. Eve and her husband don't fall for it. They go to foster mom's hotel to talk to her and :gasp: she's DEAD!  Even though she's totally a suspect somehow she can still work the case and Eve figures it out about 3 discs after I do.  Still a good crime novel with a splash of sex in it.

Distant Shores by Kristin Hannah Elizabeth is tired of her boring life. All she does is take care of her daughter and husband and does nothing for herself. She hasn't painted in years, she's just lost her passion for life. Her husband gets a new job and wants to move them across the country. She goes reluctantly but then her Dad is sick and she has to go take care of him. That gets her back on the west coast and she decides she'd rather go to her "old" home than her new one. While she's there she discovers who she is learns to love her step mom (who comes to visit), who her mother really was and how much she misses her husband. Oh and her love of painting. Nice chick lit and they actually went to the beach in this one ;)

Butter by Erin Jode Longe I actually read this book on my kindle (as apposed to listening). My daughter had bought it awhile back and it looked interesting enough so I started reading it. I got sucked in right away. This a book that makes you think and keep thinking about it.

"Butter" is a morbidly obese teenager. He's so lonely. He has a great online girl friend that he just happens to go to school with but she thinks his name is JD and he's a hot popular guy at a rival school. He plays a mean sax. His mom feeds his feelings with love and pancakes.

Butter is so depressed and fed up with himself that he decides that he's going to eat himself to death. Online. On his blog that he's created. Live. The cool kids at school get wind of this and welcome him into their "group" and Butter is living the life he's always wanted. BUT do they like him because he's funny or because they are wanting to get to know him better so they can place the right bets on if he's going to actually go through it or not.

This book had my attention all the way through. It's a bit sad and depressing but you have to keep reading to find out if he's really going to do it or not. This would be a great younger book club book with a lot of hot topics to discuss.

Ready any good books lately?

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