Thursday, May 23, 2013


Monday night we were just hanging out and I started thinking. Trevor had a band concert on Tuesday night and hadn't mentioned anything about what they were supposed to wear.

Usually the girls would be freaking out ahead of time about what clothes I needed to go buy them because they never had the required colored shirt or pants.

Well of course, boys are different. My boy has a paper crumpled up in the bottom of his back pack from last week saying they need to wear nice clothes. No jeans or t shirts.

My son sheds his jeans as soon as the weather warms up about 50 degrees and wears shorts from January til November. I don't even know if the JEANS he owns fit let a lone some "not jeans" which we don't even own. Obviously he doesn't own a shirt that isn't a t shirt either.

Tuesday after work I picked him up from the bus and we made a trip to Target where they had ONE pair of black pants in a size that might fit him for another month and a nice looking shirt that he would go for.

Dressing your kid for a ten minute band concert? $40

We got home in time for him to change and then we were off to the school for "Open House" which consisted of the teacher talking to me about how he was able to make it into honor roll at the last minute and me collecting his art work off his desk. Total time? 2 minutes.

I think had another hour to wait until the concert started. Trevor had wandered off the minute we hit the school grounds so I it was up to me to entertain myself. 

Eventually it was almost time for the concert to start and Scott got there. We had our pick of seats for the most part so I had sat right in the middle, second row. 

WHICH of course just happened to be the one place where I was least likely to be able to see my son's actual face during the concert. 


Well here is a few "almost good" pictures. 

He was so cute and did a great job!

Darn kids are getting big. Next year they move over to the "older" side of the school campus (ALREADY!)

They played a couple songs and then they were done. They were excused and then the violin class came on stage. All three of them. They played a couple songs and then the advanced band got on stage. I think there were seven kids in it.

I'm pretty amazed that the school can find the money to pay a music teacher to teach such a small handful of kids. The band used to be much larger but they switched from having band during school hours to after school. Very difficult for kids to get a ride home if their parents work and you live four miles away. These days they'd probably arrest you for child neglect if you made your kid walk four miles. Not that I'd make my kids walk that far. My kids are totally spoiled and don't even walk the half mile home from the bus stop 90% of the time.

So anyhow, that's done. The trombone is living at the school until next year. Then it can be back to living in my car and the hallway.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Jule your son is adorable!

Suburban Correspondent said...

My boys are blessedly easy to get ready for an event (compared to their sisters!), except for the part where they kick up a fuss when I ask them to try something on.

And, every time I turn around, their dress pants no longer fit.

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