Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

Tonight I went to my interval run at the round park. It was hot. I had debated on not going because it was hot and I don't do real well in the heat. But it seemed to have cooled off a little bit and sometimes it's more windy in town so I figured I'd just suck it up and go.

We started off running 15 minutes slow. I went around a coupe times and then the trainer girl stopped me and told me that when I run I run with my head sideways. She said like a 45 degree angle side ways. She said that eventually that might mess me up a bit body wise if I run like that..

I had no idea I ran like that! I do look at the ground a lot but I think that is mostly because I'm just used to looking where I'm running. I really don't even think about it I just run.

So after that every time I ran by her she would say something about my head position. I eventually just started looking at the tops of the trees. That seemed to take care of it.

When we started running faster intervals (and I was trying to keep my head up straight) I got a side cramp. So I did some walking and running alternating. Then my head started to hurt. Then I went to the bathroom real quick mostly just to take a GD break without anyone watching me. I felt like a little kid hiding out.

By the time it was over I was so relieved to be done. Once again the trainer was discussing why I lean my head to the side. I DON'T KNOW. She asked me if I was feeling discouraged and honestly I just wanted to cry but I just said that I was too hot. Which I was.

We did some stretches and then she wanted us to do some ab work. There was like a million mosquitoes and I had even sprayed some bug spray on myself that someone had brought. So I'm on the freshly mowed grass trying to do some planking type exercises and I have like 5 mosquitoes on me and everyone is just slapping themselves and she's like keep your rears down! Finally I was like fuck this and left.

I drove myself through the drive through at Starbucks and got a drink and then parked my car to drink it and relax for a few minutes and I just started crying.


I felt so stupid. But I couldn't stop crying. I don't even know what I was crying about. That I run crooked? That I got side cramps? That it was hot? Maybe I just had low blood sugar and I am freaking exhausted. Who knows.

I go to drink my Starbucks and it spills down the front of my shirt (TG it was a frapp!) not once but twice and I have no napkins in the car. Did I mention I still had to go to the grocery store?

Once I finally got myself to stop crying I went in the grocery store bathroom and cleaned my face and straightened my hair a bit. I forgot to bring a sweatshirt so I'm walking through the grocery store in my running clothes and a tank top. I of course also get the worst cart in the store that only wants to go to the right.

I get all the groceries and as I'm loading them onto the conveyor belt I drop the cottage cheese and it splits open onto the floor. AWESOME. The cashier went and got me a new one and then we started discussing bad days. Turns out hers is way worse. She told me how her husband stole her youngest who is about 15 and now she hardly gets to see her AND has to pay child support. You win, your day sucks more.

I'm just crying because I run sideways.Pin It


Sarah said...

Sorry your day was awful! I still think you are awesome!!

Jessica said...

These kind of days are the worst, Julie! I know this was a week ago so I know things are better by now but I wanted to tell you not to let it get you down. You are so inspiring!

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