Monday, May 13, 2013

Lazy Saturday

Saturday morning I woke up at six in the morning. I looked over and Scott was in the bed and I was like "OMG you're so late for work!" He kind of did a wha? and then I was like oh yeah it's Saturday. My bad.

Rolled over and went back to sleep until 8:30. That was like was like a weekend miracle. I hardly ever sleep in that long anymore. 

I got up and made some coffee. Scott got up and did a sink full of dishes and then made us breakfast. Then we all cleaned up the house a little bit. When we were done we went and took the paddle boat out on the lake for a bit. By we I mean Scott, Trevor and I. Melissa was too busy being social with her friends that spent the night.

My friend Traci was laying out on her floaty in the lake so we hung out around her for awhile until she decided to go in and then we paddled around the lake just long enough for everyone to start complaining and for me to realize just how hot it was out there. 

We paddled in and just tied up the boat to the dock and went home. We ordered us some lunch/dinner from the little store. I went to go get it and the car was pretty hot.

Why hello summer! Nice for you to join us! It got down to 99 by the time I got back from the store so it wasn't REALLY that hot. 

After eating I took a nice nap. I woke up and Trevor was OUT. His friend had spent the night (yes I had 3 extra kids here Friday night) so he was pretty beat.

He slept for a couple hours. 

Around 7:30 I went back down to my friend's dock and we loaded up the paddle boat. Scott went to the store to pick up some things (like my Mother's Day card, so slick) and I stayed and watched the sunset and had a glass of champagne. 

I used to totally take sunsets for granted but my friend has taught me to appreciate them more. Right as the sun was starting to go down a lone pelican landed on the lake. I couldn't get a good picture of him but you can kind of see him on the left if you squint.

 Oh that's pretty 

Oh that's REALLY pretty. My good sunset pic of the night :)

Scott came and picked me up after he got back and we went home and ate popcorn.

Melissa got this cool popcorn maker for Christmas and now we are all popcorn addicts.  
Rusty included.

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Unknown said...

Sounds heavenly! I love the sunset pictures!

Annsterw said...

Beautiful sunset pictures!!! I love watching them at my parents lake too!! Congrats on the last long run - you are going to ROCK the half I am sure!!!!!

Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures!

Good job on your run. You are going to rock your half!

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures!! I am ROFLMAO on waking Scott up like that!!

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