Friday, May 3, 2013

Tiki Book Club Party

After my long Sunday run I came home and took a shower and tried to finish my book club book. This month's book was 

                          Murder on Tiki Island: A Noir                          Paranormal Mystery in the Florida Keys

by Tiki Chris Pinto

For some reason this book was so hard for me to read. It was a good story, totally interesting and I really wanted to keep reading it and find out what happened but every time I went to read it I'd fall asleep. I actually didn't finish the book until the day after book club.  FAIL! Oh well at least I finished it. 

So the whole reason my Mom picked this book for her book club selection is because she wanted to do a Tiki themed party. Yep, that's my mom for you. She should really become a party planner and decorator. She is so good at it!

Scott was fixing the brakes on my car so I just started to walk over to her place but one of my book club ladies stopped and gave me a ride. I was actually trying to get a little walk in but they are so cute. "Why are you walking? You should have called me."

Most of my pictures I'm going to post were taken by my friend Traci. 

Look how awesome Traci is, she wore a Hawaiian dress! 

For the main focal point my Mom used this tiki bar she got from her friend. (I have to say it cleaned up pretty good!)

She decorated the tables really cute and served food from the Hawaiian BBQ. I've never had their food before and it was really good.

Not sure why I was making that silly face

Carol was giggling 

This is another Carol. 


Me again in my new Target shorts. I'm going to go back and get some more colors.



Tiki houses

Mom served these sorbets for desert. She gets them at Smart & Final. We've had them before they come in all different ones. I like the coconut and there is pineapple, lemon and a few others I think.

the outside of her house, they are still working on finishing the trim and stuff.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the book. It does have sex, drugs, ghost and murder in it so if you are sensitive to things like that this book isn't for you. It's $3.99 on Amazon for the Kindle right now so not too bad! 

I saw this at the end of the book and wanted to check out his Facebook page. Sounds like the author is quite the Tiki man.

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