Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Giddy Up

Oh my gosh I'm exhausted this morning. Definitely stayed up too late. I was sewing last night and watching a live auction on You Tube (Locker Nuts). Then when I went to bed I was like blink blink blink can't sleep for awhile.

I poured my coffee and accidentally used Scott's creamer. I realized and then put some of mine in there with it. So gross. If I suck it down quick maybe I'll be more awake.

First picture is kids (red one sold)

Second picture navy blue horses & Cowboys are sold 

Can you tell I was working my way through my fabric shelf? I didn't realize I had so many horse fabrics. I have one little stack to finish out of my big pile I started with last week. Then I have an order from my neighbor friend to do. She had started off making her own masks but she was having carpel tunnel issues after working on them so she brought me her fabric and a list. She wanted to use some minky fabric for inside the masks so I have to talk her out of that still lol. I don't want to do special stuff I just want to sew them up and be done. I don't think you could breathe through that heavy fabric.

Yesterday my friend Carolyn came over to pick up some masks she had ordered. It is so nice to talk to your friends in person instead of through email and texts. Maybe some day the world will be virus free and we can have a big party.

Jessica has her doctor appointment today FINALLY.  She missed going to the doctor for the whole 2nd trimester because she didn't have insurance and was waiting on someone to push a button from Medi-Cal. She had to keep calling back and every time the woman would be like oh I'll get that done today. Finally her boyfriend called and THEN she pushed the button. Freaking ridiculous that people can't just do their job. I know they are all probably over worked but you have to do things correctly. 

Anyhow, hopefully all goes well today and she gets the right care now. It's like people are all COVID so we can't help you but uh baby is still coming no matter what. 

Ok well off to do some work, I have a bunch of payments to work on today! I had to pick my days for working as office coverage in the actual office and someone picked next Wednesday already so I down for the 12th and 26th. I'll probably have to go in to just work before then though since the people that get paid more don't think they can figure out where to put a sign here sticker on their own.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Do you ever just do nothing? You are always so busy! I can't believe you're gonna be a grandma? Has it hit you yet?

Julie H said...

@Peg, I can't just sit and watch TV I fall asleep lol. Yes, excited :)

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