Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Snack Time!

Hump Day!

It's 10 am and I'm all caught up on my work until someone sends me an email lol. My boss called this morning to go over the plan for contract signing. Basically I just need to organize her emailed files and then send them to the planner for them to print and take to the customers for signature. Easy Peasy if people are smart, which they aren't, so they will probably need help.

I think Trevor needs to get out more, he's been arguing with the cats like they are siblings.

Yesterday I finished up my pile of masks I had been working on. I'm sure everyone is sick of seeing them but when I post them on my FB they sell so I'd be dumb not to post them right?

I'm pretty stocked up on Kids masks now unless I get a good boys print to make up.

Sold the fox and bunnies already

Once I got those done I started on the neighbor's order. She brought me a huge bag of fabric and said I could keep what is left. I'm about 1/2 way or more done with her order. I have two more small orders to do also. Just when you think people are going to stop asking for them everyone wants an order.

I saw this on FB and was like I don't ever remember my mom bringing me out a snack as a kid. If you wanted a snack you went in the house and got it yourself. Mom would have killed me if I left any part of the wrapper laying around too. Better wash off the scissors after you cut it also.

Love this, if you're sick why not have a hot doctor ;)

People have lost their minds on FB Covid stats. The Lodi City Hall is posting stats for the area and people are like "are they really dying from that?" and on and on. I told one guy I think he needs to look at the website he's asking all these detailed questions to and maybe go take a break. Sheesh.

Well there is one of those emails I was talking about. Off to figure that out. Sadly it's for one of the "not smart" planners so we'll see how that goes..
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