Thursday, July 9, 2020

Womb Time

Well I managed to get a stove/oven ordered on Wednesday. I ended up buying one from Home Depot and it will be here on Saturday (or so it says). Then we can make some apple pie haha.

Yesterday I put on real clothes and went to work ALL day. Like 11 hours. I sat in the new area that can be closed off from everyone but has 2 doors in case of an emergency. I sat at someone else's desk after I cloroxed it. I spent most of the day making packets for our new contracts.

At lunch time I went to pick up the work mail. When I got there there was one other person in there and then it was just me and the 2 guys working the counter. I don't think I've ever seen that post office that empty. It was kind of weird but I'm sure the employees enjoyed the little break.

I debated bringing home my plants (they are all succulents) but they seem to still be doing ok there and I'll probably kill them if I bring them home. I'm scheduled for every other week to go in. If it wasn't for Covid exploding in our area I'd probably go in more.

When I got home Rusty was so happy I didn't die. He thought I was never coming back. He'd be so sad if I was gone every day again.

Today I am going with Jessica to another "womb with a view". She is still waiting for Medi-cal to get approved and really should be seeing a dr. It's been over 2 months since she's had a dr appt. It doesn't help that she moved. I called around and got her one for July 28th. If her Medi-Cal is not approved by then I will pay $1600 for her appointment. I asked if that comes with a used car. I asked what it covers. I was told that's the first trimester cash price. I said she is in the 2nd trimester. Doesn't matter, first time in the office you get the first trimester price. So just pray the case worker pushes the effing button already. Jess has so much anxiety so hopefully seeing the baby will help a bit. The only "clinics" that will see mothers after the first trimester have 1 star ratings and "do not go here" on the reviews. Awesome. Our medical system is seriously effed up.

Wednesday I called the septic guy again and no answer or call back. Will this one ghost us too? Still no word about the gal with the lot next to us. Someone told me where she lives so I guess I have to go knock on her door. I think we are going to be too late to get in for this months board meeting unless everyone does what they are supposed to today or tomorrow.

Well, I hope you have a relaxing day like these three.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

That !600 is a lot - but less than when the baby arrives I suppose.
I too want to be like your cats. Can you make that work for me and still get paid?

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