Friday, July 10, 2020

Baby Peek

Well yesterday we got to "Peek" at the baby again. He seemed a bit uncooperative but we got a couple good looks at him. He appears to have quite a bit of hair already and he's only 25 weeks. The boy is going to need a hair cut when he's born haha.

Jessica was born with a full head of hair (and Trevor too) so it's not surprising. Here is one of the better photos.

Later that evening I went over to my friend Traci's and had our feet in the little pools social distancing (kind of) hang out. We had some new Vodka pops she got (like Otter pops for grown ups). They were 15% alcohol so whewww and didn't freeze all the way so were a bit slushy. I felt like mine needed a straw. 

I haven't sewn for 2 days! That's a mini record lately. Some people kept asking me what I had available so I took so new pictures and sold like 18 masks last night. Crazy. Hopefully I don't get any flakers like that last round. 

Wednesday I went to work and ended up being there for 11 hours. I worked in a little room all by myself with the doors closed. It was so nice! I'd almost opt to do that more when I have a lot of work to do but my boss doesn't want us to come in unless we really have to. 

Lately I've been watching a lot of You Tube "flippers" (people who buy stuff at thrift stores/storage lockers etc and then resell) and there are two guys I've found that are pretty local and fun to watch. These two guys buy storage lockers and then do live auctions on their You Tube. I've bought something from both now, it is kind of fun! 

So this last round I bought two diaries. They said the lady is deceased and they were a bit juicy to read so I thought oh that will be fun! Then I was thinking maybe I'll share them on my blog. What do you think?  I will change any names that might be traceable.  I think I will do these as separate posts from my every day stuff so look for some second posts some days!

What is everyone's weekend plans? My stove/oven is supposed to arrive tomorrow! I've never been so excited to cook lol. I have an Instashopper shopping right now for me. The last couple have got here with no problem so lets hope this one will too. As soon as someone starts shopping I send them a message in the chat asking them to please read the special instructions on how to get to my house easier. So far it's working!

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