Thursday, July 2, 2020

Vacation to Nowhere

Happy Thursday! It's my Friday since I have tomorrow off. I didn't even realize that until a couple days ago but it doesn't really matter. Can't go anywhere or do anything. The fourth of July is cancelled for the most part. They've closed the beaches back down again so can't even go for a ride to the coast. I have the most vacation time banked EVER. I get 6 hours every two weeks. For the first time I have over 60 hours on the books.

I'm out of coffee this morning. How does that even happen. Noele my Instashopper is shopping for me right now. She hasn't even responded to my chat to please read the special instructions so she can find my house so I'm not feeling hopeful lol. I wish I could just special request Ronald again!

I can't remember if I posted that my oven died. It's stuck in clean mode. The lock isn't stuck but if I turn it on it just wants to go to clean temp. We tried unplugging it and that didn't work. I'm ready for a new stove anyways since the burners are all jacked up on the one we have. We got new drip trays and one new burner awhile back ago ($30 for ONE burner) and none of them fit right.

I was just going to buy one from Lowe's online but now I need to go pull it out and see what kind of outlet we have. All the new stoves are either flat or the burners are backwards (small right on the front right corner). I know my family and we'd break that flat glass top in no time. I mostly cook with cast iron so it would only take one little drop and that would be toast. I wonder why they thought the need to reverse the order of the burners?

Scott is really going to have to go to the dumps after we get the new stove. We have an appliance graveyard going on. I'm sure the fridge will croak next. ALL the drawers are broken in it. They just don't make things like they used to.

In septic news the neighbor lot owners still hasn't called the club office back. I sent her a friend request on Facebook but so far she hasn't accepted. If she won't call back soon I'm going to have to wait another whole month for the NEXT board meeting. Also have not heard back from the septic guy so I think I'm going to have to call him too.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time putting fabric on boards. I got my one pack order of boards and then the double pack I ordered awhile back showed up so I had a lot to work with. I still have some so I can keep going. I got everything I had stuffed in the dresser done. I have A LOT of pink fabric. Goal today is the blue box since it's only 1/2 full. I might be able to fit them on the small wood bookcase but that's probably it for that. It will be full. As I was going through them I was like ooo this is so pretty. Ooo this is nice haha. Had a few of I'm never going to use these so I put them in a donation bag. Going to attempt to drop stuff off on Wednesday when I have to work in the office. I can go over to the thrift store drop off on my lunch.

Left to do:
 2 dresser drawers,
  big box of blues, 
big box of reds, 
big box of greens,
big box of whites,
big box of yellow,
small box of misc prints

added: box of remnants/small pieces

I went over to my brother's work yesterday to pick up some more elastic. He brought it out to the car and we chatted for about an hour. So nice to see him and talk to him. We haven't got to hang out in forever. I miss the days when he lived down the street and we used to hang out on his porch almost every night.

I also finally made it to the bank. I got there at 3:59 and they close at 4:00 (I just don't understand why the bank has to close so early!) I had a huge wad of cash to deposit from selling masks. I'm so glad to get that in the bank finally.

After the bank I drove by Raleys but there was a ton of cars in the parking lot so I didn't go in, thus the out of coffee and Instacart order this morning lol.  

Last night I worked on my pile of black print masks some more. Getting closer! 

I had someone order some masks through my Facebook Business Page and now she's not answering when I'm like hey they are done. Yesterday I was like so if I don't hear from you by Friday I'm going to sell these to someone else. I know she read it but she isn't responding. People are so weird. Like if you changed your mind just say so, it's ok! I also have a couple on my porch that haven't been picked up. If they are still there when I get done with this next batch I'm going to just put them back in my available pictures. Snooze you lose! 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I hope you get a new stove. I take it yours is electric since you have drip pans. I had to have electric at our lake home. I am not a fan of electric and I am really not a fan of the laptop. It was a pain in the arse to clean. Get ones that you can lift the grid and clean them. I hated that thing. And EVERYTHING made it streak. It had everything going against it from the get-go - it was electric, it was a flat top and it was difficult to ever look perfectly clean and not smudged etc. If something spills and sticks you can't use anything abrasive to clean it or it will scratch. That was all too high maintenance for me. :-)
Hope you get a new one soon Julie!!

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