Monday, July 27, 2020

Remodeling and Rambling Monday

Well here we are, Monday again. Those weekends sure do go fast, don't they?

Friday afternoon and evening Trevor and I scraped off all the wall paper border in the living room. I paid him to help by the hour. That was a rookie move, next time it will be for the job lol. I had to start helping because I could see my bank account all being transferred over to his haha.

By the time I was done I could barely move my neck. It's still a little sore today. I still have to finish scraping it off in the kitchen. Maybe in a day or two lol. My kitchen and living room are all open to each other and share this really long wall so I have to do everything as one when I paint and decorate.

Saturday Scott and I went to Home Depot then Lowes then Home Depot again to look at windows and doors and flooring for the entry way/kitchen. We got 2 windows but didn't get a door yet since they didn't the one we think we want. They had the door but it opened to the wrong direction.  I think we will get this one, but we are also debating on 2 others.

This door will replace the big window we have in the living room. Once we have this in then I think we are going to take out the door in our bedroom. We have an old slider that won't stay closed on its own so I have to put a board in the track so the animals don't open it and let themselves out. So then we never use it lol. Plus its so incredibly hot in there when the sun is beating on that huge door. 

I know it is kind of an odd door for a back door but we don't want the window down low because the dog likes to sit and BARK at everything he sees outside. I told my friend if some day I don't have a dog I could always change it out and she just laughed at me. I guess me without a dog is just a funny thought haha. 

Hey I made it like 2 months without a dog once. It would be kind of nice to be dogless though, so much less hair and no barking. But then who would save me from all the wild kitties in the yard and the loud vehicles driving past.

We took Scott's truck to the stores and it has no air conditioner. Good God why do we posses a vehicle with no AC? Obviously I'm not the one driving that every day. No way I'd be doing that. I'd be driving into the car dealership and driving out with something else. It's 100 degrees for 1/3 of the year here. He's been commuting in this truck too, for like 3-4 hours a day. I don't understand men at all.

Saturday before and after the store and all day yesterday I worked on a big pile of masks. I have now made over 1000 masks. Crazy. It's funny how when I say I've made 1000 masks people automatically say you've made $5000. I did not SELL 1000 masks but I did sell most of them lol. 

Also I am using my fabric I paid money for and have bought more fabric for cute prints. Thread (LOTS OF THREAD), needles, rotary cutters, elastic and nose pieces. The cost of doing business. I used to do craft shows almost every weekend in the spring, fall and winter and lets face it, that's not going to happen this year. Even if they did I wouldn't feel safe being around that many people. 

I got 2 batches done (usually sew by color of thread) and probably sold half of them already. I think people are starting to coordinate them with their outfits (I've done that a little when I go to work). I have my own all over the place I need to gather them up and wash them all. I saw someone was sewing little bags to put the masks in, that's kind of a good idea too. 

Yesterday Scott woke up with palpitations again. He's on all the meds they give you for those so he just had to wait it out. I'm still 98% sure those are anxiety triggered since they only happen on the weekends (so weird). They definitely DO happen since I've seen him hooked up the machines in the ER. Probably all this house work and then having to take care of his mom and thinking about work. Weird how your body can have a mind of its own.

Well back to it I guess! Have a great day and a great week everyone!
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I think I had that same wallpaper border in the 90s. :-)
I like the door you showed us, it's pretty/craftsman style which I love.
Hey, Rick got rid of his AFib with a cardioversion, have they mentioned that to him yet?
Scary but it worked.

Julie H said...

@Peg, no it only happens on select Saturdays and Sundays for a couple hours every so often. (like 1-2x a year usually)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, really only on weekends? How nice of the heart to do this while at home. :-)

Julie H said...

@Peg I know right? It's so weird lol. That's why I think it's mostly anxiety triggered.

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