Thursday, July 16, 2020

Sewing Drinking Shopping

Good morning!

Yesterday I finished up my little pile of scraps! I have over 20 of these little blocks now, I think after I get some more done (someday) I'll put them all together as a quilt.

My friend Dee came over for a bit to pick up some masks. We hung out in the backyard for a bit and had a low calorie drink she brought me. I've been trying to get back on track with eating so I got all tipsy from one little drink lol. 

Last night I made up these 12 masks for a lady that has probably bought 200 masks from me. I guess they are for a bridal shower or bachlorette party or something. Still amazes me people are going out and doing those sorts of things. My daughter is mad at the world that she probably won't be able to have regular baby shower. 

Oh by the way I'm made 976 masks now! Almost to 1000 who would have thought.

My Instacart person got lost yesterday. I don't understand why it is soooo hard to follow directions. She was all flustered and tried to tell me I told her wrong. I'm like it was wrong to you because you missed the first turn... 

Guess my streak of 3 good drivers in a row had to end lol.

Well need to go jump in the shower, they finally made selections for our next round of funding so I need to go to the office and scan the files for a few hours.

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