Sunday, February 18, 2024


Good morning happy Sunday! 
Yesterday we went to my brother Joe's house for Stella's 3rd birthday party. We picked up Rosie and Daniel to take with us. They had fun playing on the inside climbing thing. They both really wanted to go outside and play on the swing set but it was raining so that was a no.

Stella looking fashionable for her party. The kids all loved playing with the little kitchen.

and the piano of course

My nephew Tony & Fancy

and the rest of my brother Louie's kids. Ava, Emma & Vincent. They are all getting so big.

A donut cake!

She was so cute giggling after she blew out candles

Scott babysitting Buzz. 

Rosie getting the toy she wanted lol

and passed out for the ride home

Tina sat in this box all day yesterday lol. It's a sad little box.

After we got home I measured out the fabric I sold and then unbolted the fabric from those bolts so I can put them in a box. They are a little musty and I think they are making me cough. I have a bunch that I didn't sell anything off of yet so I still have all those but some are done. 

My stomach was bothering me all day yesterday. Last night I went from being bubbly to having to take Imodium at 6 am. Hoping I get back to normal soon. 

Simon is outside for a bit while we have a break from the rain. We have rain through Tuesday on the weather app. Last time I looked it was through Wednesday so we'll see. 

Today's plan is to put the labels on the packages for the stuff that got paid for. I sold 2 more things this morning so need to measure those out and do the invoices. Then I might list some of the upholstery fabric samples I overbought and see how those do. I feel like starting a new project to sew but I have fabric everywhere lol. Might start one anyways ;)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I hope all t his rain means CA is no longer in a drought! I saw on TV a house sliding down a hill. A multi-million dollar home to boot. Hope he had lots of insurance. But either way it's horrific.

Julie H said...

@Peg, we'll always be in a drought since they take all the Northern CA water and send it to the south lol.

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