Friday, February 9, 2024


Good morning happy Friday! 

Yesterday we went to lunch and then I made the boys go to Joanns with me to get backing fabric for all my partially done quilts. 

No rain on my birthday! Hardly ever happens. We did have some great clouds though!

My favorite Mexican restaurant went out of business but this one is my 2nd favorite close to home. It's called El Jardin. They have several around this part of California.

Lunch dates!

I should have just got the taco. Brought most of the rice and beans home for later. Delicious!

After lunch was Joanns and I got more fabric and batting. The store was looking much better than the last time I was in there.

I got all the backings and sewn onto this set before dinner. Ready to lay them out this morning and start sewing them together.

Lucy supervised!

We had dinner at 7 since Melissa had to work until 6. Eric was working still so he missed the party.

My nephew Tony came so that was nice! My dad went to Reno for his guys weekend for the Super Bowl. Stupid Super Bowl messing with my birthday lol.

Daniel is loving his Buzz Lightyear sweatshirt!

Flowers from my mom

Flowers from Jess

Jess & Melissa both brought me a candy bar. So funny :) I got an Almond Joy & Reese's Hearts.

My mom's first time seeing baby Nate

He woke up a few times but he's just taking it all in 

I got the bassinet out for him and he had a nap in there

This was his first time at our house. Snookie and Simon were like oooo a baby!

Hanging out in Tubby's chair lol

Dinner! We got Chinese food for dinner (surprised?) 

I screwed up and got a few dishes that were too spicy. That went to Scott lol. We have tons of leftovers too.

Rosie said it was good

My mom brought my cake and 50 candles lol. She said in honor of my Grandma who always wanted us to have all the candles. Ok I'll take that ;)

You know you're old when it takes all the kids to light the candles.

Simon's face is hysterical! She just watched like WTF is that lol

Love Daniel's giggle at the end

It was after 10 by the time we were done with cake so everyone left a bit after.

Trevor took Scott to the airport at like 4am this morning. He got to Texas not too long after I woke up!  I hope he has fun this weekend. He comes back on Tuesday. 

Jess has an appointment at 3 today so I may or may not have the littles for a bit. So far she hasn't asked. I'm going to work on putting that quilt together. I have 3 that just needed the backs and sewing the blocks all together so I might get 3 quilts done this weekend.

Another thing I want to do is to pull all my patterns that I have on eBay that are listed for $5 or less and either try to sell them on the FB group or put them in lots and relist. So far I have a list made of which ones to pull. I'll probably offer them up on the FB group first then do the lots if they don't sell. I've had them for almost a year now so they need to keep moving. My eBay sales are just a tiny trickle now so time to make some changes.

Ok that's it for today! 

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