Tuesday, February 20, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday!
Well not too happy since I'm cough cough coughing my head off again. Wouldn't be as bad if I didn't pee myself constantly when I cough. UGH so annoying!! TG for pads or I'd just have to sit on the toilet all day.

I was supposed to have darts tonight but had to get a sub and changed my training for tomorrow to one on the 5th but now I have to go to Fresno (yuck).

I spent most of the day yesterday cleaning up my sewing room a bit. Then I got about 50 more fat quarters ironed and listed. I think I have claims for 3 lol. After I get through them all I think I'll take whatever is left and make them in sets for the next round. 

Simon is outside until the rain comes later. This huge storm we had has been nothing but a little rain. Everyone got excited for nothing lol.

Oh I started cutting out my black and white fabrics for some rag quilts last night too. My mom's friend wanted a black and white with some cats but no cat faces (weird lol). So I'm going to make one like that and one with other cats for my booth and/or maybe one with no cats depending on how many squares I get out of my stash lol.

After I get my morning stuff done today I am going to work on ironing more fat quarters so I can get those up. Eventually I'll run out of them. If only they had all been 1/2 yards like the lady said they were when I bought them. 

I got my Hello Fresh order yesterday. I am going to do that for a bit again so I don't have to think about what's for dinner for awhile lol.

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