Saturday, February 3, 2024


Good morning happy Saturday!

Yesterday I went over and hung out with the kiddos & Jess while Daniel went and ran some errands.  Little man taking a break from nursing all day haha.

Got to hold him awhile. 
So fun watching the little faces he makes while he's sleeping.

Came home and ate my giant burrito that Daniel brought me back and then took a rest on my bed for like an hour before darts. We won the overall for darts and I won one game woohoo.

This morning my raise & new location pay both showed up on my paycheck. Woohoooo this is the "raise" part. That's exciting! I see some home improvements in our future. 

I'm going to go buy like 10 new bath towels to start haha. Those things just don't last like they used to. Growing up we had the same towels forever. Here they last a couple years then they are rags. 

Scott is making us some breakfast. The kids are coming over for a bit later while they take the baby for a check up. Maybe I'll sew a tiny bit today? 

Eventually I need to go to Joanns to get the backing fabric for the 2 quilts I have started. My mom got me some black and white fabrics to make a quilt for her friend. She was requesting a black and white theme  and I was like hmm I don't have much for that so my mom went and bought some lol. I will have to get backing fabric though, I think when I get to that.  

Before I do black and white though I want to make another set with some more old truck fabrics I had cut out. I have sold all but one of the quilts I've made (minus the 2 that were gifted).  I just have a butterfly one left that will be perfect to give to my niece for her birthday if no one buys it before then.

Also I have a bunch of new fabrics from my Whatnot buying sprees lol. Should probably just delete that app off my phone but it's so fun.

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