Tuesday, February 27, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday!
Made it into the office today. We'll see if I have enough to do to keep me busy most of the day. I don't think so lol. I saved some stuff I got asked to do for today so I'd have something besides mailing out two letters. The way they have things running now it's just like a trickle all the time instead of a huge project at a time.

My lovely little Simon. I mean "Trevor's" little Simon lol. She's so funny this morning she brings in her empty food bowl. I'm like would you like me to refill that? She's probably sad since I'm not home and Trevor was sleeping, so she's not outside. 

Today after work I have to go to the grocery store. The fridge is down to condiments and 2 oranges lol. I think a bag of potatoes too. Trevor made one of our Hello Fresh meals that got delivered yesterday at like 4:30 since we were both hungry.  It was really good.

Yesterday I got the remaining fat quarters from my fabric flipping stuff ironed out and put on the FB group for .75 each. That finally got them moving. One gal bought $100 worth, about 1/2 the pile of fat quarters. Woohooo! Today I think I will make one post with all the ones left. Maybe make them .50. I still have a 1/2 yard post and a yardage post too. I have a ton set to wash that either had fading, stains or I wanted to keep them.  I got almost all the laundry done yesterday so I'll get those washed tomorrow probably. 

With all that fabric I still need to stop by the fabric store on my way home and get some backing fabric for the new black and white quilt I'm working on. Of course nothing I have works or is enough fabric. 

Ok well back to work! Tomorrow Trevor will be 21 how crazy is that?

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Very crazy. I remember when he was a little boy!!!

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