Friday, February 2, 2024


Good morning happy Friday!! This week has flown by taking care of the littles!

Yesterday the baby came home from the hospital

(Melissa the day before visiting)

I came home a little after they got home and rested for a couple hours lol. Really my mom was here and we hung out then I vacuumed and laid on my bed for like 20 minutes. We had a huge thunder clap and then hail for a few minutes! (time to get more gravel too)

Then I went and picked up the littles so mommy could get settled in a bit. They stayed til about 10:30.

Threw together a casserole. Scott took some over to the kids and got to see the baby too. 

He's so tiny!

Jess asked if I'd come over in a bit when the kids wake up while Daniel runs some errands so have to make this quick!  I had a few ebay sales so just got those packaged up. Waiting for Trevor to get out of the bathroom so I can freshen up a bit before I go over lol.

Simon was just barking like I haven't heard her much before. There is a guy walking around for PG&E  and boy she did not like that!! Guess she knows that one doesn't belong here.


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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

The baby is beautiful. You're a grandma many times over now. :-)
But better to be grandma,they eventually go home.:-)
Have a wonderful weekend.

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