Wednesday, February 28, 2024


Good morning happy Wednesday and Trevor's 21st birthday!

So crazy this little fuzzy guy is 21 already. Baby Nate has hair like his :)

Tonight we are going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and then we'll come back home for cake and ice cream. I still have to make the cake so should get on that soon lol.

Yesterday after work I went to Joanns to get some backing fabric for the quilt I'm working on. Sheesh so expensive even though it was "on sale". Everything is on sale so you can't use their coupons lol. I went to the one in Modesto and it was pretty clean and organized compared to the Manteca one. Although they had huge piles of fabric in carts to put away. 

After that I made my $350 purchase at the grocery store. Only bought like 2 packs of meat too. So much for raising minimum wage now everyone can't afford to eat or drive their cars (or pay rent or utilities either). 

I went over to take the kids a few things and played with the grandbabies. They are so cute! Makes me feel bad that they cry when I leave but at least I know they like me haha. 

Relisted the fabric yardage I have left on the Facebook group yesterday for a dollar less a yard and got some claims so I need to measure those out. Sold some 1/2 yards and fat quarters too! Woohoo. I have to get that all cleaned off the kitchen table for tonight. 

I finally figured out how to run some sales on eBay and have been doing 30% off on patterns. I've sold a few the last few days which is great! I think I will just keep doing that and maybe even 40% since I was hardly getting any action on them. Gotta move this stuff out ;)

That's it for this morning!


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