Wednesday, February 14, 2024


Good morning happy Valentine's Day!
No romance here, just a sink full of dirty dishes to deal with later haha. 

I spotted this whole set up at the gas station on my way home from work today. It was at a country gas station that is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully they sold some stuff for all that effort. 

Lucy says BAH HUMBUG!

What do you think about religious items at work? I work in a Government building. Always makes me wonder if it was something not Catholic/Christian how would it be perceived? Would it still be allowed? 

I started ironing some fat quarters to try and sell. I was going for 50 but I ran out of time. More to iron still! Then I will put them on the FB group to try and sell. They look so much better all ironed pretty. 

I had darts last night so that was my reason for stopping. We ended up winning by one game! It was super close at the end with us trying to close out at the same time. I got 2 bulls eyes in one round so that was pretty exciting.

Jess sent me this picture of Rosie enjoying the baby swing lol. 

No plans outside of the house for tonight. I never made it to the grocery store yesterday and since Jess got me some toilet paper I think we're good for a bit longer. I was supposed to go to dinner with my friends after work tomorrow but my one friend's kids are sick. One had RSV and now the others are getting sick so I don't want to take the chance of spreading that to the baby and the kids. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

your VD day sounds like mine. LOL

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