Monday, February 5, 2024


Good morning happy Monday! I'm off this week to help with the kids still. 

They came over for a few hours yesterday. Rosie really likes cars. She plays with the car thing there more than Daniel did. He mostly liked to throw it over and use it for some kind of obstacle lol.

Snookie snuggles

She's like my life is so rough..

Rosie took a nap for at least an hour. She woke up MAD though. REALLY MAD. I took her home after she woke up and she was still mad lol. Probably needed to go back to sleep.

I made enchiladas for the kids and us too. They were yummy. I cooked a whole chicken in the crock pot with a bunch of spices and it had pretty good flavor. I cheated with canned enchilada sauce though mostly because I didn't make a list when we went to the store and I couldn't remember what was in the homemade stuff. 

After the kids left I did some work in my sewing room! Still need to get backing fabric for the other 2 quilts I have ready to sew together. Now I have 3 to get backing for. I can't wait to see this one all put together.

And then I have one more ready to start sewing with truck and pups. I had cut out all the car/truck fabrics since I needed one for the car show donation and my friend Carol wanted one. Also the car show coming up so if they don't sell before I will have them available. 

Simon demonstrating how she can sleep in the dog bed haha. It was still raining a bit this morning so she is still in the house. She is so ready to go play outside. 

Tina helping. She's such a good helper.

Today I am going to go see that woman with the fabric on Marketplace. Hopefully she has something I can use for my quilt backs too! Can't beat $5 a bolt! They aren't full bolts but still a great deal. 

After that I have Bunco so I need to sort out what I'm taking for that too.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You are so busy, you don't have time for work. Lol
Your state is getting hammered. I assume you're too inland to be affected.

Julie H said...

@Peg we just get the wind and rain. Hopefully the river doesn't try to over flow again this year too.

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