Wednesday, February 21, 2024


Good morning happy coughing Wednesday! Ugh
Made myself an appointment at an Urgent Care this afternoon. Figured I'd try that since my doctors office doesn't even want you to come in if you're coughing. Like how you going to hear my chest through the phone.  So that's at 11. Still need to go to the post office so going to do that while I'm out.

Yesterday I put black and white squares together for my next rag quilt. They are ready for their X to be sewn through them.

Little Miss Rosie's curls after some hair conditioner lol. Spring!

Looking all cute :)

I'm about ready for a nap and I just got up. I think Nyquil gives me a hangover feeling. I took a Covid test yesterday and it was negative so that's one virus I don't have. 

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