Wednesday, April 10, 2024


Good morning happy hump day!
Made it through a day of work in the office yesterday. I went to the post office on my lunch to drop off a package. I noticed that they do not have ADA compliant doors there. Odd thing to notice but damn them doors are heavy and they have 2 sets of them. How does a federal building get away with that? 

I went through the drive through at the Hawaiian bbq place for lunch and then sat in the break room. Found out a girl at work is pregnant. Not that I really talk to her but that is exciting for her. 

Got home and pinned my new quilt blocks together for their first round of sewing. Then I went to bed lol. Exciting I know. I have frozen burritos for dinner.

Oh I also did some laundry. I picked out all my clothes to wash first. I need to go out and change the laundry. Next is towels. I am not going to wash anyone else's laundry because they sat next to 2 full laundry baskets in the living room for 3 days and didn't bother washing anything. 

And then Scott was surprised when he went to get ready to go to dinner that he didn't have any clean pants. 😀😂😈. This is even more annoying since I had made comments a few days earlier about how I finally got all those clothes in the baby crib put away and hardly any of them were mine... and how it's like I'm being taken advantage of. I resigned from doing anyone else's laundry about 10 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. If I wash your clothes I'm just being nice but you can't expect me to was them. So now will be a reminder ;)

Too bad I can't do that with dishes too but those gross me out lol.

My mom is bringing us lunch today so I can help her with a new photo printer thing my dad bought her so she can get some pictures off her phone. She has so many pictures on her phone that she can't get any through text message anymore. Almost too much stuff to even get a text. Apparently just deleting the 100000 similar pictures isn't an option. We'll see how this goes when she comes. I'm taking bets on what time she gets here with "lunch". I'm guessing 2pm. 

I'm covering for a gal from another office for the next couple days so we'll see if that makes my work busier. I have a few things to do this morning left over from yesterday still. I'm missing the old way that I used to do things so that everything worked so much smoother. Now that I'm back working with my old office I feel like I should just do all the old stuff I used to do. I know now that is why they mixed up our offices. But the whole set up is stupid to begin with. 

Ok off to clean out my email box and change the laundry!


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