Sunday, April 28, 2024


Hellooooo happy Sunday!

Friday night I made this chicken potato casserole. It was just "ok". Put it under the broiler at the end to crisp up the cheese. 

While it was cooking Simon and I went for a walk. I got the whole perimeter of my section done. Next goal is to go around the lake there. 

I walked along one side of it. Simon thought about chasing the geese. I got a good arm work out holding her leash. 

How could I be so tired and it wasn't even 2 miles.

Saturday I was up nice and early to go to the car show! I got Scott to load my stuff in his truck and then also drove my car down there so I could have it if I needed to run home for anything. He hung out for quite awhile so that was nice. 

I had them put a cone over a huge hole so no one would step in it and break an ankle. 

All I bought all day was food lol. Oh and a shirt too. The church ladies always have a bake sale so I got my usual banana bread. 

Part of the raffle table with my quilt I donated

I sold (that I remembered to write down)
28 zip bags
5 keychains
6 coin purse
1 wine bag
1 $2 coaster pack
5 cross body bags (sold them for $10 each tired of looking of packing them up)
2 little tissue packs and
2 quilts!! (the 2 with trucks & dogs)

So with the quilts added in there that bumped my sales up to a good day haha. Next weekend is the Lodi Street Faire. I ended up loading all the stuff in the car after since my friend Eric and his son had come to hang out and helped. I was thinking I'd just leave it all in the car but I think I will have to unload it today to go to my brother's later. Don't want to be driving all over with the stuff in there. 

After I got everything packed in the car I went in the bar for a couple of drinks. None of my chatting buddies were in there so left after a bit. Came home and vegged out for a bit and then Scott and I went to Mexican food. Wasn't as good as I was hoping. Going to have to go back to the fajitas at this place. Those are REALLY good. 

It's been a slow morning here so far. Only got up because Scott made breakfast and I had to give all the animals their morning snacks when I got up too. 

Probably play around in the sewing room (surprise)  and then go to my brother's tonight for cake and ice cream for my dad's birthday.

Oh and after 24 years of selling on and off on eBay I finally have 2001 feedback haha. I was stuck at 1999 for a few days.

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