Tuesday, April 30, 2024


Hello happy Tuesday! It's been a busy work morning. Caught up for the moment!

Yesterday Jess asked me to come hold the baby while she got some stuff done. Uh don't have to ask me twice haha. She had him all wrapped up so cute. He was like she's lying I wasn't being demanding ;)

Daniel showing me all his toys

Rosie watching Ms Rachel and not napping

They went to their other grandpa's house while mom and dad went to Great Wolf for her birthday. They went and picked them up this morning so they could go swimming too.

Moose stayed home so I brought him over to play this morning. Simon is exhausted now lol.

Last night's little walk. My hip was hurting so we didn't go too far. Just a big block.

Last night's dinner. Mine looks nothing like theirs. The liquid was watery and theirs looks thick. I must have done something wrong. It had good flavor but wasn't too exciting lol. 

Why I stopped buying water bottles. My family is a pack of wild animals just leaving shit all over.

Today I need to make chicken enchiladas, a cake and clean my house. And work. Scott is off today. I think he just went outside so he's not in the middle of everything. This morning he made a big breakfast which was nice but I washed 1000 dishes yesterday and now there is 20 more. 

Kids and my mom & dad are coming over around 6 for dinner. Going to be a busy day!

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