Monday, April 22, 2024


Good morning happy Monday! I missed posting yesterday morning since I had to close up the sewing room and that meant I had to push all my boxes in the door way into the room lol. I need to work on cleaning that up and destashing some more.

Here is my finished Unicorn #2 Rag Quilt. Still available if you want to buy it haha. $60 plus shipping. I have a few to put out for the car show this weekend now. 

Saturday I pulled out some Mickey fabrics to make some zip bags and I still haven't finished them yet but they are on their way to being done. I worked on them a bit last night after the kids left. 

The kids came over yesterday morning around 9:30 until about 4. I'm glad I had Jess bring them over to my house. They are so much easier to watch here. Plus Scott is here to help. 

This was so funny Rosie went in the dog pen

Then her brother locked her in. You can tell by the look on her face she wasn't too happy about that. He let her right back out and then she was done with that.

Simon was loving the baby

He was happy sitting in his seat for awhile so I just left him in there for a bit (sitting right next to him)

He spent a lot of time watching TV with grandpa lol.

Maybe one more time in the bassinet? Just about has it filled up. He took two little naps in there until his sister woke him up (both times). 

The only picture I took of Daniel and he had his eyes closed. 

After they left I went into the sewing room for a bit and Scott BBQ's some steaks and even cooked a vegetable! 

I worked on my Mickey bags a bit and took Simon for a little walk. I went to bed at like 9:30 and I'm still tired this morning. No plans for today other than work and sewing and washing 100 dishes again. 


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