Friday, April 26, 2024


Hello happy FriYeah! 
All I have for pictures today are food. I hope you aren't hungry.

I went to the office yesterday and packed myself some breakfast. Just some cottage cheese and strawberries. 

For lunch I went to the chicken bowl place. So good. 

I stayed busy all day working on the big pile of papers I was given to make files for. When I got home I had just enough time to make dinner and eat real quick before darts. 

I just ate the little bowl that was left for breakfast lol. 

Darts was pretty awesome because I got a HIGH TON! That's over 150 points. I got 2 bullseyes and a triple 17. AND then I won that game. I won another game too and our team won overall. That was our last game of the season. So far it's looking like they won't have enough teams for a summer league so I might have the summer off. 

I stayed and hung out with a couple friends after.

I don't know what I'm doing with myself today. I should go out and get my craft show stuff out of the shed since the car show set up is really early tomorrow. Nice thing is it's right down the street so I don't have to go far. Thinking I'll ask Scott to put my stuff in the truck and taking it down for me so I don't have to play Tetris in my car.

I have the car show this weekend and next weekend is the Lodi Street Faire. I half want to sell everything super cheap to get rid of it lol. Maybe at the street faire. I have so many boxes of stuff in my room I'd like to clear it out a bit.

Probably work on cleaning my sewing room up a bit until something grabs my attention to play with ;)

It's cooler and windy today. Praying for not much wind tomorrow. Wind is the worst for the car show.

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