Sunday, April 14, 2024


Good morning happy Sunday! I wish this was a 3 day weekend! I think I say that every weekend too.

Friday after work I had to go get change for my craft show. While I was out I picked up my prescription from Walgreens (took 2 trips since they keep putting it back before I get there) and then hit the grocery store.

McDonald's has some magnificent bird of paradise plants in their drive through. My neighbor had given me one once but at the time it was too messy for me. I might have to rethink when I get around to landscaping again because they are so fun.

Check out the size of this brisket. Damn it's huge. 

This is $350 worth of groceries all fitting in my little trunk area. So crazy. I did buy a lot of meat though since we were out. As long as we have some meat I can come up with something to cook.

After I got home I went down to watch my friend Carol play darts and get my car show vendor application turned in. I kept forgetting to do that and then couldn't find my app so she brought one down to the kitchen for me.

I spent the rest of the night organizing my craft show stuff. I separated out my zip bags and left a bunch of the duplicate bags at home since I knew it was going to be a small venue.

Of course it was RAINING when I was loading the car in the morning and raining when I unloaded the car at the lodge and raining when I had to load it back up lol. Good thing they had it inside.

When I got there we couldn't find my tables so someone took down their stuff to make me a spot (the wife of the guy running it). Then later she put it back up in a spot where someone didn't show up so that worked out. As I expected it was a bit of a sleeper event. I did make back my booth fee and a little bit more but not really enough to do it again. 

I have 2 8' table cloths and of course one of the ones I brought was not the 8' but a 6' so I just put the quilts out there. All my stuff is still in the car. I'll unload that later. Maybe tomorrow lol. My next show is the car show in 2 weeks so too long to just leave it ALL in there. 

My little guy got his first professional hair cut yesterday. Jess sent me the pictures. I guess he did pretty good with his little tablet to watch while they did it. 

Looking so handsome!

I'm not watching the kids this Sunday (so far haha) so should be a lazy day. Probably will work on my quilts a bit more. The Fairy one is ready for the batting and backing. I think I will get the Unicorn one to that point too then I'll cut all the batting at the same time. That is a bit of a challenge since it is so wide.

Scott made us breakfast and it's ready! Have a great day!

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