Friday, April 12, 2024


Good morning happy FriYeah!!

Lots of stuff to do today.

Yesterday I got my 4 squares sewn together for the fairy quilt. Next step is to iron them flat then cut out the batting/backing.

The Unicorn quilt is ready for it's 2nd round on the sewing machine to join the 2 square sets together.

Our team won darts last night by one game. Not because of me though lol. I definitely need to go practice more! Jess brought the baby down at the end to get the diapers I had in my car and hung out for a few minutes. All my hanging out with buddies left so I just came home after.

This morning I went to feed the cats their morning snackies and my new box of food was all disgusting inside. This is the 2nd time I've had this happen. I contacted Amazon and they are sending a new box. I was able to salvage all but 2 cans that were open. Ick. No wonder Simon kept smelling the box lol.

Things to do today:

Pack up Easter so I can put it in the shed when I go out there to look for my craft booth stuff for tomorrow. I only need to take a few things from out there since the show I am doing is inside and they provide the tables and chairs. Lets hope people show up because it's inside AND it's supposed to rain. It's been in the 80's and beautiful the last 2 days.

Also need to put the folding chairs in the shed while I'm at it. 

I want to go through my selling boxes and pick what to take instead of taking everything too. I am not going to take my coaster racks so more stuff will go on the tables. I don't even know what I have since I haven't taken it out since last November! 

I should go to the grocery store too since we don't have any meat left. Last night I had chicken strips and horrible fries from the fryer in the bar while I played darts. 

Work was busy this morning but maybe quieting down now that everyone got done with their morning emails haha.

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