Thursday, April 25, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday! I made it into the office this morning. I thought I wasn't going to have anything to do but Lisa just brought me over a huge pile of applications so that will keep me busy.

I finished my Mickey bags yesterday but forgot to take a picture before I put them in the box. Not sure what I'll work on next. I should probably work on some sports keychains. I had a bunch of Giants ones started.

For lunch yesterday I cooked up the Italian sausage that's been hanging out in the fridge with some pasta sauce and put it with the leftover rice and green beans. It was good but I was still hungry a bit later. 

Got my menu done and grocery shopping list made and hit the store.

On the way I got a milk shake and 2 cheap tacos for dinner lol.

Got home from shopping and took Simon for a walk. Just need to add one more road that goes along the lake and then the road around on the right to do the whole "section" around my house. 

Wasn't even 2 miles lol. Simon had fun though. My hips were hurting a little bit on the way back but I seem fine today so that is good.  

I felt so guilty leaving Snookie this morning. She is like glue on my leg when I'm home. Her eye is getting kind of gross I need to make her a vet visit. I thought she was just getting a cataract but it's different colors and icky. Sigh. I think her time is going to be limited she has aged so much since Rusty died. Darn animals getting old :(  

Tonight is my last dart game of the season. I'm signed up for the summer round already too though so it won't be too much time off I think. I missed it the one time I didn't sign up.

Ok off to mail 2 letters and do some organizing :)


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