Tuesday, April 2, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday! I think I slept for like an hour last night. Something fell (I think it was Scott's phone) around 1:30am and I don't think I fell back to sleep until around 5am or so. Didn't help that he yanked the top blanket and took it all when that happened either lol.

Yesterday after work I listed some patterns I had floating around on the FB group. Sold 2 and then same person bought some from an older post so that got some old ones out of the box and some new ones in there. I bought those when I went to the thrift store by my work a month or so ago.

After I put them on the FB group I went ahead and put them on eBay too along with some other random stuff I bought. Still deciding on selling this book it has the most beautiful pages. They could really be framed.  I got this book when I went to Fresno and hit a few thrift stores after my work thing. 

This little 2 page leaflet sells for around $20. I got that up in my eBay store for a bit more but I will put it on sale soon. I'm glad I finally figured out how to do some sales in my eBay store. 

Today I want to work on the bicycle quilt but I might not have much time to since I have a lot of work to do for work and I have darts tonight.

Oh and yesterday my Hello Fresh got delivered by someone that wasn't UPS to a neighbor's house. I complained and they refunded my money but I also figured out where the box was so got it back. I think I am going to cancel my subscription again after this one. I swear all their stuff starts to taste the same after awhile lol. 

I've got to do my taxes soon. I told myself I'd worry about it April 1st and now that's here and gone. Time to get it done! Lets see how much I have to pay the government this year :( Hopefully not much.

Ok off to do what I'm supposed to be doing ;)


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