Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I had enough work to keep me busy all day. It's a miracle! 
After work I got the fairy quilt all cut and in the washer and dryer. It was late when it was done so I haven't went out to get it and take a picture yet.

I got the unicorn quilt all sewn except for the outside edge. I got too tired to finish it last night so I'll probably get it done today. Then it will be clipping all the seams.

Trevor made us some white people tacos as he calls them haha. We are out of cheese and sour cream. They were still good though ;)

I watched a few things on Netflix yesterday. 

What Jennifer Did. People are so crazy! Also why do they go talk to the police for hours and hours and not ask for an attorney?

Megan Leavey, I had never heard of her but looked her up while I was watching the movie. In the movie she joins because she wants to get away from her life but in real life it was because of 9-11. I wonder why they changed it?

I think I've seen this movie before but it had been a really long time. Good one!

Darts tonight so I will be social later ;)

Ok off to finish up like 15 payments for work! People were busy yesterday getting things done!


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