Wednesday, May 1, 2024


Good morning happy hump day! Yesterday was so busy with working, cleaning and cooking!

Then we had dinner! Melissa had to work so it was just a little dinner party.

I made the Skinnytaste Chicken Enchiladas (baked the chicken in some olive oil, salt and pepper before and then shredded). My mom brought the Mexican cornbread and it was so good! Also made Zatarans Spanish rice with 2 boxes but just did one can of petite diced tomatoes and that was just right. 

Rose got woke up to come to the party and it took her awhile to be happy

Trying to get a family picture of the kids lol. Easier said than done.

Mr. let's clean the garage when we have company coming over.

The kids loved the cake haha. Daniel would like extra frosting and sprinkles.

So cute!

My mom washed some dishes and put some of the food away. After I put the rest of the food away I went to bed and was out like a light super quick. Usually I clean everything up before I go to bed but I was so tired.

Today it is windy outside so Simon says no thank you to being out there. Took her two trips out to decide she'd just hang in the house.

No plans for today other than work, clean up the house again and do some laundry. All the good panties need to be washed haha. Have to go into the office tomorrow. Yuck.

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