Tuesday, May 14, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday!
I'm already caught up on work today woohoo. Well just got an email of one thing but that will only take a mninute.

Yesterday I worked 1/2 a day and then went and met Melissa for lunch at Mimi's. I think this is the only one left in the area. I got a sandwich I've got a few times in the past and it was just meh. Definitely needed more of the sauce on it. 

After lunch we went to Joanns, Target, a thrift store, ice cream, Goodwill and the dollar store! So that was fun. I got a few things at Goodwill. Three matching scrapbooks all still sealed in the pack. Definitely need to get to scrapbooking again soon. I have so many books I have picked up at thrift stores lol. 

After I got home I sat for a little bit and then Simon and I went for her walk. The weather was PERFECT.  I went around the whole side of the club. Next is to go around the big lake too. I wasn't too tired when we were done but it was getting dark and I had my blue light glasses on still. I can't see shit in the dark with those. 

Trying to get her to pose. She refuses.

The last of the sun setting on the home stretch

Today's plans are to work on these stupid bags some more. Why do I always make such a big project lol. Once these are done I think I will start working on the 6 quilts someone asked me to make for Christmas presents. 

OR what I should do is work on cleaning up my sewing room for a bit. I need to take down my curtain and wash it and clean my desk real good along the window. I have to get onto the desk to reach it all. 

Also need to work on laundry. Trevor did a bit yesterday. I should have looked for a new laundry sorter while I was out yesterday. Maybe I'll just buy one on Amazon. The sorter bags on the one I have are falling apart and they are past being able to be mended. 

That's it for this morning!

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Beautiful pics / areas to walk a dog.
You can come do my laundry. We have a lot of laundry for just 2 people!!

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